BSc (Hons) Marketing

A $836 Billion
Marketing and Business Industry
by 2026

Year 1

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The first year of Level 5 in Marketing is an exciting and rigorous time that sets the foundation for success in the field.

Two years of Level 5 study specializing in Marketing at ATH in Pakistan leads to a one-year top-up BSc Hons in marketing degree that you can study in the UK at a competitive UK university.

Students will study the following eight courses during the first academic year. Instruction will be supported through formative and summative assessments with a focus on global employability skills. Students can also opt to only study the first year at ATH and transfer to study in the UK for two years of study at a UK university.

The aim of this unit is to give students background knowledge and understanding of business, of the functions of an organization and of the wider business environments in which organizations operate. They will further get to apply key analytical tools used throughout business planning.

In this unit, students will learn the key principles of marketing, enabling them to develop a marketing plan and to employ elements of the marketing mix to achieve results. They will study the underpinning theories and frameworks of marketing while relating them to real-world examples.

In this unit, students will understand the purpose and scope of human resource management activities. They will be able to apply a range of people-management skills to enhance the performance of an organisation by finding solutions to people-related problems.

In this unit, students will be able to assist senior colleagues in producing and analyzing budgets, drawing up simple financial statements and using financial ratios to interpret performance while exploring wider aspects of accountancy related to ethics, transparency and sustainability.

The aim of this unit is to help students to understand the difference between the function of a manager and the role of a leader. Students will look at leadership styles with a focus on characteristics, behaviours and traits, and how and why they are used and their effectiveness.

The aim of this unit is to offer students an opportunity to demonstrate the skills required for managing and implementing a small-scale business project. They will undertake independent research and investigation for carrying out and executing a business project that meets appropriate business aims and objectives.

In this unit, students will examine how digital technologies can support businesses aims and services, allow interaction with customers, for example to promote their business, to encourage people to visit their e-commerce site, to buy goods or services, to drive and increase sales and to provide high levels of customer service.

The aim of this unit is to guide students through the process of self-assessment of skills and competences, personal career planning and the application of different learning and development approaches in a work environment. They will prepare for job applications and interviews in a formalized way.

Students will study the following eight courses during the second academic year. Instruction will be supported through formative and summative assessments with a focus on global employability skills. Students will progress to study in the UK for the final year top-up Honours degree in Marketing at a UK university.

In this unit, students will develop core people management skills used to achieve positive organizational outcomes by recognizing individual differences, team working and the creation of inclusive organizational cultures.

This unit is designed to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the consumer’s decision-making process to gain competitive advantage and maintain market share. allows organizations to adapt the marketing mix and enhance the customer experience

In this unit, students learn about digital marketing and its importance in the successful marketing of organisations. They will further use various digital tools and techniques to engage customers and maintain a competitive advantage.

This unit is designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of marketing communications and the techniques used. Students will relate their learning to promotions they are likely to encounter in their daily lives.

This unit enables students to demonstrate the capacity and ability to identify a research theme, to develop a research aim and objectives and to present the outcomes of such research in both written and verbal formats.

Students will learn about the activities involved in running a small business, from customer relationships, planning and allocating operational resources, forecasting and budgeting, to putting a business plan together.

In this unit, students will be able to apply a range of change management concepts, including diagnosing driving/resisting forces, planning for change and dealing with change in organizational settings.

Year 2

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The program’s aim is to provide students with a firm understanding and hands-on experience in different aspects of marketing, preparing them for careers in the industry.

Low Tuition Fee

Save over 90% in Tuition Fee for the academic year 2023

A student opting to study in the UK would pay an average of £13,500 in tuition fees. ATH is excited to make the same program progression available with over 90% savings in the tuition fee. ATH maintains a transparency policy and does not levy any hidden fee. The following fee is inclusive of all fees to be paid by the student for Level 5 (Year 1) in Marketing.

Academic Year: Sept 2023 - July 2024

Admission Fee

PKR 150,000

Non-refundable fee paid at the time of admission

Semester One Fee

PKR 202,500

The complete fee paid one week prior to commencement of the semester

Semester two Fee­

PKR 202,500

The complete fee paid one week prior to commencement of the semester

International Fee


Paid annually by the fifth week of the first semester

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Our Early Bird Scholarship is an excellent chance for students to kick-start their careers before others. Further, the Marketing Student Scholarship that we offer will cover 15% of tuition fees, providing students with the best platform to pursue their passions in marketing.

Moreover, the London Scholarship and Wales Scholarship are two outstanding opportunities available to talented students who have shown exceptional skills in business and development, and those seeking to access the cutting-edge marketing industry in Wales. These scholarships aim to empower and motivate young minds, stimulate their creativity, and develop future leaders.

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UK Scholarships

£125,000 of UK Scholarships for the academic year 2023

Final Year Study in the UK

A $836 Billion
Marketing and Business Industry
by 2026

A two-year Level 5 study specializing in marketing at ATH in Pakistan provides students with a comprehensive understanding of marketing principles, strategies, and practices.

This program equips students with essential skills such as market research, consumer behavior analysis, advertising, and digital marketing.

Upon successful completion, students have the opportunity to pursue a one-year top-up BSc Honors degree in the UK at a competitive university.

This UK-based program further enhances students’ knowledge and skills in marketing, offering advanced courses in areas like brand management, international marketing, and strategic marketing.

The combination of international exposure and academic rigor prepares graduates for successful careers in the dynamic and evolving field of marketing.

Jobs in London & International

London offers a plethora of job opportunities for individuals with a BSc Hons in Marketing.

The city’s dynamic business landscape and diverse industries provide a stimulating environment for marketing professionals. Roles such as Marketing Manager, Digital Marketer, Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, and Social Media Specialist are in high demand.

Companies ranging from global corporations to startups actively seek marketing graduates to drive their brand strategies, develop creative campaigns, conduct market research, manage digital channels, and optimize customer engagement.

London’s vibrant marketing industry ensures exciting career prospects, continuous learning, and networking opportunities, making it an ideal destination for BSc Hons in Marketing graduates seeking to make their mark in the field.

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