About Us

The Academic Training Hub, is dedicated to providing high-quality education and training to aspiring individuals who wish to pursue a career in aviation and UK-based HNDs. The courses offered by ATH are designed to meet international standards and provide hands-on experience through practical training in modern facilities.

This hub has created an ecosystem that allows academics and professionals from UK higher education institutions to engage in capacity-building projects in Pakistan. This initiative also focuses on nurturing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

The ATH Institute is excited to announce an exceptional opportunity for individuals in Pakistan to pursue UK HND courses locally. The programme not only provides students with internationally recognized qualifications but also eliminates the need to travel abroad, thus saving on travel and living costs. Furthermore, aspiring students focus on their studies within familiar surroundings with local teachers and support networks.


To cultivate a skill-based qualifications and training ecosystem aimed at molding the future cadre of business management experts, innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs, the Academic Training Hub is dedicated.

The Hub is devoted to offering a faculty-guided setting that nurtures academic distinction, social accountability, and personal growth for each learner.


Empower people with the education and skillset to build an enlightened and productive community.


  • Integrity¬†
  • Community¬†
  • Empathy