BSc (Hons)

Join the $424 Billion
Cyber Security industry
by 2030

Year 1

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The first year of Level 5 in Cyber Security is an exciting and rigorous time that sets the foundation for success in the field.

Students will study the following eight courses during the first academic year. Instruction will be supported through formative and summative assessments with a focus on global employability skills. Students can also opt to only study the first year at ATH and transfer to study in the UK for two years of study at a UK university.

This unit helps students develop skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, analysis, reasoning, and interpretation, which are crucial for professional practice and workplace competence in a digital world.

Students will look at a number of tools and techniques like operational agility, culture, leadership, customer experience, and integration of digital technology that organisations use to transform and become more innovative in their approach.

This unit has been designed to develop student’s knowledge and understanding in relation to cyber threats and vulnerabilities, cyber defense techniques, and incident response.

This unit introduces students to the core concepts of programming with an introduction to algorithms and the characteristics of programming paradigms.

This unit creates opportunities to progress to a range of roles in the digital sector and develop industry-led skills, analysis, and interpretation, crucial for developing practical experiences with big data and gaining employment.

In this unit, students will have gained knowledge and skills to be able to successfully implement, operate and improve a cloud network and the operation of cloud-based data networks.

This unit introduces students to the detection of threats and vulnerabilities in physical and IT security, and how to manage risks relating to organisational security. Students will examine various security measures.

In this unit, students will gain knowledge and skills to successfully install, operate and troubleshoot a small network; and the operation of IP data networks, router, switching technologies, IP routing technologies, IP services and basic troubleshooting.

Students will study the following eight courses during the second academic year. Instruction will be supported through formative and summative assessments with a focus on global employability skills. Students will progress to study in the UK for the final year top-up Honours degree in Cyber Security at a UK university.

In this unit of study, students will examine the concept of business processing in terms of data capture, conversion and information output.

This unit will enhance the student’s understanding of the methodology, terminology, and benefits of IoT in the design and development of software applications.

Students will be introduced to the role, benefits, disadvantages, and potential outcomes that emerging technologies have in the development of software applications and business practices.

This unit covers the technologies (hardware and software innovations) required to experiment with 3D sculpting using VR equipment.

In this unit, students will develop the process to create assets and apply the necessary techniques to get the look of a high-poly model.

Through this unit, students will learn the process of animating characters and scenes and engage with the different processes and stages of creating animations.

Students will explore a current digital technology solution and evaluated its impact and potential sustainability, evaluating a range of solutions and data sources.

This unit gives students a comprehensive overview of the essential pitching and negotiation skills required to win new contracts on agreeable terms.

Year 2

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The program’s aim is to provide students with a firm understanding and hands-on experience in different aspects of cyber security, preparing them for careers in the industry.

Low Tuition Fee

Save over 90% in Tuition Fee for the academic year 2023

A student opting to study in the UK would pay an average of £13,500 in tuition fees. ATH is excited to make the same program progression available with over 90% savings in the tuition fee. ATH maintains a transparency policy and does not levy any hidden fee. The following fee is inclusive of all fees to be paid by the student for Level 5 (Year 1) in Cyber Security.

Academic Year: Sept 2023 - July 2024

Admission Fee

PKR 150,000

Non-refundable fee paid at the time of admission

Semester One Fee

PKR 202,500

The complete fee paid one week prior to commencement of the semester

Semester two Fee­

PKR 202,500

The complete fee paid one week prior to commencement of the semester

International Fee


Paid annually by the fifth week of the first semester

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Our Early Bird Scholarship is an excellent chance for students to kick-start their careers before others. Further, the Cyber Security Student Scholarship that we offer will cover 15% of tuition fees, providing students with the best platform to pursue their passions in Cyber Security.

Moreover, the London Scholarship and Wales Scholarship are two outstanding opportunities available to talented students who have shown exceptional skills in cloud security and development, and those seeking to access the cutting-edge cyber security industry in Wales. These scholarships aim to empower and motivate young minds, stimulate their creativity, and develop future leaders.

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UK Scholarships

£125,000 of UK Scholarships for the academic year 2023

Final Year Study in the UK

Join the $424 Billion
Cyber Security industry
by 2030

Two years of Level 5 study specializing in Cyber Security at ATH in Pakistan leads to a one-year top up BSc Hons in Cyber Security and Diigital Forensic degree that you can study in the UK at a competitive UK university.

This three-year course of UK study is an amazing learning experience where you get to meet experienced faculty and professionals across the cyber security industry.

Student life in the UK can help build life-long relationships and open doors towards a lucrative career in the UK. Cyber security is an ever-growing industry. It is projected to grow by 11% in 2023 and by 20% in 2025.

From the cheapest university in UK to the most competitive, ATH ensures you progress towards a UK degree as comfortably as you are able to through our pathway.

Jobs in London & International

A degree in cyber security will help create opportunities to follow your interests within the world of information security and create a career path that’s right for you.

Cyber security is a fast-growing field and cyber security skills are in demand, especially within large organisations and financial services institutions.

More than 1 million cyber security jobs will be available by 2023, but less than 400,000 cyber security professionals will be trained by then. Some of the big employers in this industry include KPMG, Cisco, McAfee, AWS, DIgital Ocean, etc.

Courses That May Interest You

ATH offers numerous computing courses that may interest you depending on your passion and career goals.

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

Data Science and Analytics

Human Resource Management


Global Business