Leading directly to the final year of an International BEng / BSc(Hons) program.

Session Intakes


Course Duration

2 Years

Qualification Credits

120 Credit

Key highlights of the course

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Direct pathway to an International Hons Undergraduate Degree

2 years in Pakistan + Final Year (Top Up) at UK University

HND in Business offer a specialized, work-related curriculum encompassing essential knowledge, understanding, and practical skills for the business sector. Students can select from specialized pathways including General Business, Business Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting & Finance, and Entrepreneurship. Completing the HND programs enables progression to a degree top-up in Business or a related specialty.


Why should you choose HND Programs?

Transform your

HNDs are internationally recognized in major countries, including the UK, and globally accepted by universities as equivalent to the first two years of an undergraduate program. This provides students with more opportunities compared to local or other foundation program.

Convert Your HND Qualifications to an Hons Undergraduate Degree

Students can upgrade their HND qualifications to the final year of an undergraduate degree program, such as BSc (Hons), at over 150 universities worldwide.

Cost-effective and adaptable in study approach

The HND programs are notably more cost-effective, and ATH offers merit-based scholarships to students. At ATH, students have the option (where necessary)
to participate in
online/blended sessions.

Enhance Your Professional Career

HND qualifications are structured to prepare students for the challenges in their chosen professional fields. Acknowledged by both employers and universities, these programs not only impart academic knowledge but also equip students with market-ready skills for the workplace.

Where will HND Programs Take You?

HND qualifications in Business offer a practical setting for students to acquire the knowledge and academic study skills essential for advancing to university degree courses. For example:

Fee Structure (One academic year)

Admission Fee

PKR 150,000

Non-refundable fee paid at the time of admission

Semester One Fee

PKR 202,500

The complete fee paid one week prior to commencement of the semester

Semester two Fee­

PKR 202,500

The complete fee paid one week prior to commencement of the semester

International Fee


Paid annually by the fifth week of the first semester