International Foundation Year

Your pathway to an international undergraduate program

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Course Duration

1 Year

Qualification Credits

120 Credit

Key highlights of the course

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Direct pathway to an International Honors Undergraduate Degree

An accessible and cost-effective route to secure admission to international universities.

ATH offers the Level 3 Diploma in Pre-University Foundation Studies accredited by Learning Resource Network (LRN), providing an avenue to pursue studies at various universities in the UK and abroad. Graduates from this recognized UK program have successfully enrolled in their preferred universities in the UK, Australia, and globally.

Moreover, the academic team at ATH is dedicated to offering guidance and counseling to assist with university applications. This includes recommending suitable university options, advising on the required grades for entry into desired programs, and assisting in creating compelling applications for successful entry into chosen undergraduate programs.


Choose a Progression Pathway of your Choice

Why should you choose Level 4 & Level 5 Programs?

Transform your

Get the necessary knowledge and skills to transform your career.

Admission to a UK or an international university

Build a foundation for an entry to a UK or an international university

Enhance your skills

Enhance your existing educational profile by acquiring additional skills and knowledge.

Fee Structure (One academic year)

Admission Fee

PKR 150,000

Non-refundable fee paid at the time of admission

Semester One Fee

PKR 202,500

The complete fee paid one week prior to commencement of the semester

Semester two Fee­

PKR 202,500

The complete fee paid one week prior to commencement of the semester

International Fee


Paid annually by the fifth week of the first semester